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A post in which I use a tired metaphor because my brain is tired and I can’t really think of anything else. If I were a geologist, I would have seen the earthquake coming. Unless it’s one of those disaster movies (why do I love them so much?!) where the fancy ass scientists don’t recognize … Continue reading

Surviving Soccer Season

While the end of soccer season always brings a visceral, and bittersweet, relief, the beginning sneaks up on us. A practice here, a game there, until BAM. It’s October and everyone is out of clean underwear (either wearing dirty ones inside out or none at all) and you haven’t had a hot meal before 9 … Continue reading

The First Two Miles

The First Two Miles

One needs to know me for about five minutes before they know without a doubt that I am not a morning person. Just a couple of days ago, Matt tried to wake me up in, let’s say, a very unsatisfactory and much too creative way. It didn’t go well. I did end up fully awake … Continue reading

What’s New?

What’s New?

I feel like summer is a boulder rolling, rolling, rolling downhill and picking up speed. I want it to stop. STOP. Now. Thanks. My wedding registry tells me there are 57 days left until the wedding. This means only 50 something days before school begins again. *sigh* I’m not physically ready for the wedding or … Continue reading


Gotcha! Nothing juicy here, just a little Sunday morning productivity. To me, the productivity part is a bigger surprise than an unintended pregnancy. I’ve been up since 4:30. I had a dream that I was signed up for a sprint triathlon (which I recruited friends to do with me) but I was late because I … Continue reading

Spring Fever

My father and I have this thing where, most afternoons, we call each other and see how the day went. The conversation is predictable: An ‘A’ day, not an ‘A’ day, or even worse – “a Day”. Today was a Day. My fat pants didn’t fit. I’ve been reduced to pants and skirts with drawstrings and … Continue reading

Push ‘Pause’

    When people ask me how we’re doing, how life is, I inevitably reply “crazy” and then immediately feel like an asshole.  Here’s the thing – we are living the same life most of you are living (or have lived through OR are quickly on your way to experiencing).  I, WE, are no different … Continue reading

Lost & Found

  I lost Colby today. Before that, though, my day was frantic if normal. I even made time to go to the new makeup store with a friend. I’m having difficulty being productive in between schlepping Colby everywhere (school ->basketball->orchestra->home->bed), so filling up 30 in-between minutes looking at sweet smelling false promises was a welcome … Continue reading

Race Report: Maine Marathon 1/2

Maine Marathon #2 (last year relay – this year 1/2!) The only picture: I tried to give them an out all week long. Really, I did. But at 4 a.m. yesterday morning, I threw us, a bunch of food, and multiple changes of dry clothes in the car. Matt drove, Colby slept and I stretched … Continue reading

Bicycle, bicycle . . .

Before I re-started my running life, I wondered why it was that so many of my new co-workers were either marathoners or some other form of endurance sport competitors. While training for my first race, though, I realized that that marathon (or for me, 5k or 1/2 marathon) was the perfect metaphor for the teacher … Continue reading