“Midnight Oil”

Cut if you will, with Sleep’s dull knife,
Each day to half its length, my friend,ā€”
The years that Time take off my life,
He’ll take from off the other end!

-Edna St. Vincent Millay

So this is the page where I am supposed to write something definitive about myself. Where I find inspiration, etc. Here it is: Edna was one cool, Maine chick. And she had it figured out.

Well, I love Edna and I love Maine. I love my kid, family, and dogs so much that I will complain, here, at length about the shit we do to each other. If I’m committed to anything, it is to living life fully and out loud. Sometimes this gets ugly, but at least we all know what is going on.

I divide my time between teaching English, attending grad school, parenting, picking up dog poop, and avoiding housework. I try to fit in lots of reading, running, yoga, cooking, and anything outside in my free time. I have great friends, and spend as much time with them as possible. They rock my world – also they tend not to care when I drink too much and embarrass them in public places. I love them.

I’m trying to do scary things, since I am, apparently, old. Sometimes this goes well, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll tell you all about it here.

Big Love.




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