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Cooking for Other People’s Kids

Kids (most) are funny and obtusely illogical about their food. I’m sure there are real reasons, and I know that in utterly powerless childhood what you actually eat is often the only power you have over yourself, but cooking for other people’s children is impossible. I have actually served ice cream for dinner because I … Continue reading

What do we even DO?

What do we even DO?

My friends. What are you doing today? Are you, too, at work all in black and hiding your “Wild Feminist” shirt under a big scarf so you won’t get in trouble but also are telling the truth even if it’s only to your own heart? I don’t know how to mark this occasion. The last … Continue reading

Lentil Soup and Winter Storms

Lentil Soup and Winter Storms

This meal brought to you by . . . a cheap bag of lentils and general lethargy. Vacation began, for me anyway, around 2:45 last Friday afternoon. Because of (what I think will be a regular occurrence this winter) canceled after-school activities, I found myself driving Colby to his father’s house. What should have been … Continue reading

Green Smoothie Brown

Thanks to my friend Catie (of who suggested using smoothies as a means to rid one’s refrigerator of excess greens. I feel like such a brat. Like complaining about my over abundance of nourishing food is comparable to complaining about a new car for super-sweet 16, but I digress. I had a giant bag … Continue reading

Swiss Chard Boredom = Genius Pizza

Swiss Chard Boredom = Genius Pizza

Our garden is seriously producing.     I’m incredibly grateful. Also, I’m a little bit afraid I’m going to be so sick of swiss chard (by the end of the season) that I may never eat a leafy green again. I’d had enough chard sauteed with garlic and balsamic (Matt could eat it 2x a … Continue reading

Dining Solo

I have been anything but solo these days. In fact, the past couple of weeks have been busier than usual. I’m feeling that itching from the inside of my soul, the one that says: it’s quiet time. While I am a terribly social being, I need time to be home alone. It’s like my Miracle … Continue reading

Hungry and Harried?

Make this! Today was so gorgeous I knew I wouldn’t want to spend much time in the kitchen. Because I picked this super easy meal (a Bittman inspired chili-type dish), I had time to play ball with Colby, hang multiple loads of laundry on the line, and clean the yard (we look a little less … Continue reading

Dinner and a Rant

First, dinner. Confession: I was so hungry, I moved straight from grill to table. This means no time for pictures. I assure you, the asparagus was green, chicken glazed and grilled, the corn – crisp and juicy. Today felt so much like summer that we relaxed into a summer evening schedule (even though it’s a … Continue reading