I Don’t Make This Shit Up

You know you’ve wondered – in the English suite, over drinks, at Thanksgiving -whether or not all of my stories are true.  Well, see this one for yourself.

Matt caught a groundhog. We relocated him to City Forest in an effort to preserve our vegetable garden.

in transit
in transit

Matt sang a song about rodent poop the whole way over.



a new home
a new home

Dirk Daniels Catch ‘n Release from Heather J Webb on Vimeo.

Matt/Dirk Sets the Groundhog Free from Heather J Webb on Vimeo.


Oh, dear.

I think I am a flower

hello, friends.

I feel myself sprouting and growing and greening up just like the tomato plants in my garden. I’ve been productive and focused and happy. I want to be my summer person all year round. Maybe I have chlorophyll instead of blood?

Just look at this:

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 9.47.21 PM

I woke up at 5 a.m. today, so I was outside with Matt by 8. We sweated gardened for  most of the day. Did I tell you we have the most wonderful neighbors? They are retired now, but ran a nursery and now share resources and knowledge with us. Anyway.

I capped my day off with drinks and dinner with a colleague just as evening rolled in.

I’ll be back with pictures tomorrow.

Sleep tight.


A Quick Update

A quick note for you all.

I’m participating in this fantastic blogging class led by Emilie Manhart of One Mom in Maine through the University of Maine.

Our challenge for the week is to post every day, so you’ll be hearing from me frequently.

My goal is to provide a wide variety of content (very much like Jenny Rosenstrach does in Dinner: A Love Story.

With that, what would you like to see? Picture essays? Multimedia? Book reviews? Bad mama confessionals?

Ask and you shall receive.