A Quick Update

A quick note for you all.

I’m participating in this fantastic blogging class led by Emilie Manhart of One Mom in Maine through the University of Maine.

Our challenge for the week is to post every day, so you’ll be hearing from me frequently.

My goal is to provide a wide variety of content (very much like Jenny Rosenstrach does in Dinner: A Love Story.

With that, what would you like to see? Picture essays? Multimedia? Book reviews? Bad mama confessionals?

Ask and you shall receive.




5 thoughts on “A Quick Update”

    1. Hi Catie! The class is ERL 590 – Seminar in Blogging through the University of Maine. This is the first time it’s run, so I’m super excited to be part of it! The UMaine College of Education and Human Development runs a (mostly) online master’s program in Writing and the Teaching of Writing, and this course falls under that program. Check it out! It’s listed here as the ‘individualized program’.

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