Cliche as it may be, it’s the little things.

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve realized that it often takes the teeniest, tiniest happening to throw you back into a world of suck. But on the flip side, the teeniest, tiniest things can keep you from sliding into the abyss.

The world of suck is not my story to tell, but I need to shout out to my friends, Matt, Colby, the pups and the random people who saw me ugly crying through every stoplight on Stillwater and the Target parking lot. You’ve done exactly what I needed, whether it was providing hugs, patience, aggressive face and ear licking or just politely turning your head. Thank you.

For example:

  • a colleague saw me stomping up the corridor to deliver yet another phone to the assistant principal, she placed a chocolate treat in my mailbox the morning after. spot on, and thanks.
  • Matt went ice fishing for three days (men, God knows we miss you, but there is nothing like three days with the television off, no extra shit to pick up (or shit to be heard for not picking up after myself). amen.
  • Matt returned after ice fishing. 1. He didn’t die. 2. We had time to miss each other. 3. He relieved me of fire coaxing duties.
  • Colby came to yoga with me, silently drew in his sketch book the entire time and then we had a fantastic meal at 11 Central. Friends, teach your children to enjoy good food. It pays dividends.
  • I ran. Slow and halting and wheezing, I ran. And the sun was shining and the sky was blue and I saw a heron, my favorite bird, in the road.
  • As I type, Colby is helping clean the house and Matt has Easter dinner preparations underway. Do you know what I have to do? Make a bundt cake. That is IT. Halle-freaking-lujah. I get to barricade myself in my sunshiny bedroom to work. They’ve got it under control, and they also have my eternal gratitude.

Whether this weekend finds you celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, the Passover, Ishtar, or green grass and sunshine; I hope it is restful and inspiring. Find something to be grateful for, accomplish something, and get outside to breathe this fresh spring air.


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