The Great Facebook Breakup

Though I’m not one for resolutions and absolute “I’m going to change my life RIGHT now by doing x . . . y . . . z. . . “, I sat down early in January and compiled a list of general and specific goals. Some were big (run a 1/2 marathon) and some were bigger (spend more real time with Colby), and I set small goals for myself along the way – checkpoints that would help me see that I was making progress.

I kept running. I relaxed into conversation with Colby instead of bossing him around. I took the Facebook app off my phone.

The Facebook app removal freed me. I’m a bit low on self-control and high in general nosiness – so it is no surprise to anyone that I was on it ALL the TIME. I checked it first thing in the morning from bed. I hit the app icon as soon as I got in my car, before I even put my keys in the ignition. All the time. I couldn’t keep myself away from the constant stream of pictures and information and conversation. It was like being surrounded by my friends 24/7, kinda, but not really.

Eventually I discovered a quick way to Facebook via my iphone without the app. It started again. So over the last few months, as I’ve wondered how to keep myself on center and present, I’ve realized how frequently I am, well, everywhere. I don’t even want to think about how much time I spent creeping on baby pictures. If I had spent all that time hanging out with my own kid . . .

So we’re breaking up. Soon.

I’ll keep you posted here and via Twitter @!/frommidnightoil.

While I’ll miss the parts of your lives I’ve come to look forward to (especially baby and dog pictures, political rants, and reports from other time zones), I’m anxious to clear some clutter from my life before the summer begins.Here’s to good books, morning coffee on my porch, and old fashioned emails!

With Love -Heather


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