Dogs, Poo, and Pictures

Bella arrives.

The dogs have been naughty. That is, of course, assuming that they ever are not naughty. So I guess the last few weeks have been a bit more intense than usual. Now that only the faintest aroma of dog shit can be detected (I dug it out of the cracks in my wood floor. I shit you not. *Heather falls out of chair laughing), I thought I would reflect on two of the greatest doggie loves, and greatest time-sucks, of my existence.

I don’t know anything about raising multiple children, as I am the mother of a single. However, I do know that having two dogs is a lot like having twelve (hundred) dogs.

Our first trip together.
Bella takes an immediate liking to my father's water garden. Sorry Papa.

Sibling rivalry, anyone?

Sammie is not quite sure what she thinks of the new addition.



This is where Sam begins her plan to steal the whole.friggin.bottle. of “Doggie Calming Tablets”. $35, an entire night of damage control (if you know what I mean), and a few doggie-mama white hairs later; it’s all good.




A Merry Christmas to all!



Because I’m sure that Jesus loved dogs more than all the other animals, we let the dogs rip their bed apart and roll around in it while we watched. Nothing says “we love you” than a sanctioned free-for-all.



Post-surgery Bella prepares to jump the gate



Little did we know that this cone would push Sammie into a most severe round of anxiety-induced colitis. Don’t know what that is? Spray paint.Which was a nice treat, after Bella’s reaction to the anesthesia.


Now, are you all thinking how unfreakingbelievably dumb it is for me to have a white duvet? I am. And now, I am going to study spelling with the adolescent yeti that is my son and see what the dogs have done in my absence. Wish me luck.




2 thoughts on “Dogs, Poo, and Pictures”

    1. Matt is convinced that it was not nearly as bad as I made it out to be, but I assure you, it was. Next time I’ll don one of his respirators so I can properly document the trajectory of said splatterpoo.

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