To Do:

Oh my Gawd. Are you all swamped? Is your breathing fast and shallow? Are you RIGHT now on the phone checking the balances on the Verizon rebate card you got two years ago when you purchased a phone then forgot about? I am. Are you mooning over the snow and frigging around with your laptop instead of working on your pre-holiday To Do list? I am.

I slept until 10:37 a.m. Lesson learned – maybe take 1/2 a Xanax before bed instead of a whole one washed down by a cup of Sleepytime tea. Some days I amaze myself. Now I’ve had enough coffee and ibuprofen to eradicate the coffee withdrawal migraine I woke up with. Actually, I’m dressed (though not showered) and I’ve actually drafted and started working on my list. However, I’m not where I should be. This is where you come in. Really. Do you ever tell someone that you are doing something just so you won’t flake out on yourself? I do. I even tell my students to ask me “Did you run today?” if I’m especially bitchy and impatient. It works. Now I’m, let’s say “delegating”,  some responsibility to all of you. It makes me feel like a genius and an idiot all at the same time.

To Do:

  1. Retrieve water bottle and rice cakes from work
  2. Return bench to Christmas Tree Shops
  3. Get magazines for stockings from Books A Million. Bimmer and Mad.
  4. Drop off pay stub to Verizon store so I can finally get that discount I’ve been qualified to get for the last two years
  5. Pay overdue car payment – check written
  6. Pick up Colby’s last gift from Northern Kingdom Music
  7. Get hammer and other random stuff at Home Depot – still have room on that credit card
  8. Find the perfect present for my nearly-sister-in-law (Anna – if you’re reading this, tell Ben I could use some hints because that new edition of The Last Unicorn isn’t out yet!)
  9. Christmas jammies from Old Navy
  10. White t-shirts, Oreos – Target?
  11. Laundry – Started
  12. Balance checkbook – Done
  13. Pay bills – Done
  14. Wrap presents
  15. Plan menu for Christmas dinner
  16. Grocery shop
  17. Go to gym – packed for
  18. Eat. A lot.

I am admittedly delusional, but I think I can do this. My coffee is brewed, my travel mug washed and dried. If you see me stumbling around Bangor this afternoon, be patient with me. You see, while I am not underwhelmed by the amount of STUFF I have to do, I love this. I love this time of year, and picking out gifts for the people I love. And as much as I enjoy what I do for a living, I really, really love not going to work on a week day. I just may not remember your name today. Feel free, though, to ask to see my list.



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