With Thanks

Dear, Reader. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? My absence has not been due to lack of material, I assure you.  It could best be attributed to equal parts contented laziness and schizophrenic bewilderment.

I remember writing my last post – I was blissfully post-run, but also blissfully ignorant about the state of my future. We were getting ready to move into a new house in a new town, all of us … together. I could not anticipate the incredible difficulty and joy about to come my way. I could have written so very much, like about any of the following:

Maine Marathon Relay with my lil' brother, Jeremy, and friends Martin and Stefano

-first race report!!!

-moving for those who hate change

Colby's First 5k!

-learning to be soccer mom


-pre-adolescent dating protocol

-pre-adolescent anything protocol

-why the world stops for soccer season (alternately titled “Yes, we are eating cereal for supper again. Do we have a problem with this?”)


-acts of friendship


-power of silence


You get my drift. While I try to embrace the journey of each day, I don’t always succeed, and I seem to have better luck doing this when the outcome is positive. Fall has been full, and the deeper I get into this parenting business the more I recognize the responsibility I have to reconcile all pieces of myself, both for myself and my family. In that spirit, I am back.

Regardless of what you celebrate this week, I hope you all take a moment to recognize your own journeys. I have so many tangible things to be thankful for (health, home, warmth, food), but the knowledge that I am a work-in-progress, that my journey continues, sustains me today.

The last car load - from Milo to Bangor.

2 thoughts on “With Thanks”

  1. Your first car trip pic is hilarious! i would anticipate no other style of packing than just that for you! Love you and am thankful for you!

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