one lonely email

Because I have so very much to say, but such little time to say it in. Here’s an email to let you know what’s going on ’round here:


I looooooooooove you and am so excited to see you tomorrow. 🙂

Do you miss me? Here are 5 random facts to help you miss me less:

1. I am wearing dirty sweatpants, but clean underwear.
2. We ate a homemade dinner once this week…
3. Sam has slept in the bed all week. It now smells like dog ass and corn chips.
4. I’ve spent all my free time looking at puppies, baby stuff, or houses.
5. I hadn’t shaved since Friday until this morning, when I shaved the bottom half of each leg. Me thinks I have some cleaning up to do before ‘date night’ :/

I’m missing you, friend.

Hopefully I don’t need any prescription medication to make it through this one. What else is going on? I’ll tell you in June when I can sleep again.


1 thought on “one lonely email”

  1. I’m thinking of creating a bumper sticker that says “Men who don’t like dogs to sleep in the bed with their significant others SUCK!” You know what I get from my dog? Warm, love filled, gentle snugs…soft kisses on my cheek and neck…You know what I get from my man? Groping. Snoring. Less space. Less covers. However, despite all of this, I do love my man. I prefer that we ALL (My man, the dogs, and I) were in the same bed.

    I think this person on your mind should love SAM more knowing that she is taking good care of you while he’s away. 🙂

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