But welcome!

This blog could be equated to a DIY attempt to build-a-cabin-for-under-$100. It inevitably will end up looking nothing like the picture and overdrawing my bank account. In the end, though, I hope that it provides a space for my “real person” (opposed to my teacher/mama person) to be. I’ve been able to take shelter and entertainment from various blogs over the last ten years, and have seen many of them outgrow themselves or their purposes. Currently I am mourning the end of my all-time-favorite blog. Farewell, Bitch! Concurrently, am also mourning my sex life, mental capacity and academic values.

The site will be under construction for a bit. I have some significant technological (and sleep) deficits, and am steadily working toward a functioning space.

Until then, enter at your own risk!


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