System Overload

Sometimes my work life and my home life do not complement each other. Work, at 12:30 p.m. Students enter the classroom and simultaneously begin talking to me, all thirteen of them. Despite my best efforts, even after a gentle “heads down, make a pillow with your arms, breathe” time out, this continues. For say, ten … Continue reading

This is me, trying.

This is how it is, friends, isn’t it? Our early parenting years are so eager. The babies roll over, cut their first teeth, they walk and talk. We’re always waiting for that next thing. Walking gives way to rec soccer and first instruments. Losing teeth gives way to shaving. Before we (ahem. me.) know it, … Continue reading

Proof of Life

We’re all still here. Here is a picture, even, to prove that I’m still alive: I have actually FORGOTTEN how many ice storms we’ve had in the last two weeks. This pic was me, snowshoeing, directly after one of them . . . The dogs and I are all sunk into the couch in front … Continue reading

Lentil Soup and Winter Storms

Lentil Soup and Winter Storms

This meal brought to you by . . . a cheap bag of lentils and general lethargy. Vacation began, for me anyway, around 2:45 last Friday afternoon. Because of (what I think will be a regular occurrence this winter) canceled after-school activities, I found myself driving Colby to his father’s house. What should have been … Continue reading

I’m Getting There: University Edition

I’m Getting There: University Edition

Leave it to G to be the universal conduit to tell me what needs dealing with. And leave it to my dogs to know that mama needs some love while writing this. I just read my dear (virtual) friend Glennon’s post about her college ‘experience’, and what happened when she had to confront it.  I’m … Continue reading

Meany Pants

There’s this saying, something about teachers being the worst students, and I’m so feelin’ it right now. For my teacher training over at Om Land Yoga, we spent October focusing on the yogic principle of Ahimsa. Ahimsa translates into “nonviolence”, or as I like to think of it “loving kindness”. It’s what drives many yogis … Continue reading

Click that badge to your right, friends. VOTE FOR ME! I’ll talk later, for longer, about the theoretical importance of blogging and voice, etc. For now though, just trust me. Vote. This is important. It’s Wednesday. My bearded friends are back in Boston tonight, which means I’ll be on the couch (with my bearded husband) … Continue reading

In Media Res

This happened: I looked over during the 8th inning, and found this guy. I don’t know when he fell asleep. One minute he was explaining a play to me, and the next he was silent. How exactly he ended up with his hand in my shoe, I’m not quite sure. Around here, late October + … Continue reading